Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spartacus- Too Much Male Nudity? I think not.

The other day, while Adam has been laid up in bed, he started watching Spartacus. I believe it's a showtime series. Anyways, I didn't watch the first couple episodes because I had kids to attend to (do you sense a bit of jealousy? Not for the surgery, but staying in bed all day). A little bit later in the day, when the kids were napping, Adam asked me, "See if this guy used a body double". Well ok. He was setting me up. I walked in and he started the episode. Much to my pleasant surprise was a man painted in gold, with a mask, completely in the buff! It's not often that you get to see full male nudity. My husband was looking for my reaction. Most shows/series are directed, I assume, at men because all you see is T & A (if you don't know what that means, ask someone). What about women (which is why my husband showed me, I despise double standards)? Do we ever get the pleasure of seeing a little P & A? Well this series sure provides it.

Along with all of the nudity and massive amounts of lovin'( it's on the verge of soft core porn), there is a true love story in this season. Spartacus fights for the one he loved, his wife, who was murdered. However, I have no clue what Season 2 brings. I feel like the last episode ended the whole series. People are creative, so who knows. If you chose to watch this be prepared. If men and women in their natural state makes you uncomfortable this isn't the show for you. Also be prepared for the horrific fights. It's as gory as it can get. I mean blood, guts, and heads flying everywhere. The graphics are a little cheesy at times but tolerable.

So mommies, indulge yourself in this show when the kids are napping or in the evening time. The male human body is amazing. The gladiators are as masculine as it gets so prepare for a little jealousy from your husband because I'm positive there will be a smile on your face (about time, right?). They truly are beautiful creatures. I enjoyed watching it and the male nudity made it all the better (smile).

Note: Not all of my post will pertain to sex or the human body. It just happens to be all around me the last few days. I'm just being honest. I promise going forward my posts will be a little more PG 13.

[Update 1/22/2012- After writing this post and publishing it, Adam researched and realized that Season 2 of Spartacus had already been filmed and released. The sad news, the main character who played Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, died last year of  Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. They have cast a new actor to replace him, but I don't think the series will be the same. RIP Andy Whitfield.]


  1. I think you are the female equivelent of a mysogynist and that the show is soft core porn for women and gays. Where is the equal nudity? Shaved penis everywhere and women obscured by merkins. If your children are male you should be ashamed of your actions in that it is ok to objectify men and have double standards of nudity on tv and in film. The door swings both ways, women are for equality when it benefits them but then find it difficult to be critiqued in the sameway theu so often do to men.

    1. Anonymous- Using "the female equivalent of a mysogynist" are hateful words. However, you are entitled to your opinion. I do agree that there are some women who want equality but in other situations choose to be separate. My opinion on nudity on television is this; if they show the full male human body then they should show the full female human body. I enjoy the male human body, it's human nature, there's no objectifying it. Us as humans are a beautiful species. Thank you for reading what I had to say and leaving a comment. All comments are appreciated.

  2. I suppose mysoginist may have not been the most apt phrasing and I agree with your commentayr that since they show the full male form they should show the full female. I applaud you for recognizing a basic truth of equality. Sadly, neither Hollywood cinema nor Starz Spartacus, nor Showtimes Shamelss seem to agree. The male form is flaunted with no reciprocity as the females are kept covered. I can't understand why. By nature, the male "ahem" parts more easily protrude but that raises the quesiton all the more: why even use a merkin then? There is some great fear that "gas" we may see something of the actress's anatomy and directors go to great lengths to alter lighting, actions and frmaing to hide this. A great shame... I wish more pepople would recognize it and speak up.

  3. Really? Female mysoginist? Rather harsh and judgemental don't you think? I found it to be a refreshing light hearted commentary on something she watched, not because she went looking for it but because her husband wanted her reaction. Your need to be so harsh and try to insult and demean another woman for her honest reaction to something she enjoyed, only sets us back even further. Try not to be so critical when people are open and honest and maybe you will find peace within yourself. Have a lovely day:)

  4. Bit of a knee jerk reaction I suppose. With the onslaught of male nudity in films and tv I routinely read articles about how wonderful and ground breaking it is without anyone taking note of the complete bias. I suppose this article became a tipping point and I presumed yet another feminist that doesn't see the irony of a double standard. And as you will see I admitted to using a poor choice of words in the follow up post. And worry not, for I am at peace I just don't like to see injustice with no one voicing an opinion. Because there certainly is an argument that if we are trying to raise young men do we wnat them to be: sex objects, the but of a joke as the excuse for male nudity in recent comedies is, or of the mindset that they require a strong woman figure in their live or else are hopeless neanderthals as virtually every sitcome would have us believe. I'm just saying be careful what we teach oir sons through either direct application or passive. Because it will register.

  5. A woman that tells the world how much she loves her husband but still loves to see other mens "c@cks". Carry on. Poor man.


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